Hi, I’m Cris Santamarina,
product manager at genial.ly

I started my career, 15 years ago, working for 5 years at a large corporation with 9.000 employees. I started as a receptionist, and worked as a Project Manager for our Global Ops team. We were over 300 at my office in Prague!

Over the following 10 years I worked as a freelancer, a founder, and a facilitator.

I am equally passionate about the design, tech and business aspects of products. My code is awful, but I believe I’m more tech savvy than your average non-technical product person.

Right now I’m learning all I can about data-driven product strategy and data science.

I believe I am good at improving current complex processes, and engaging colleagues, users and stakeholders.

Demoing Cobot.me to users, Kansas, 2013
Preparing a training for 100+ IT officers for Doctors Without Borders in Uganda, 2018

10 years working with digital products

I’ve had a chance to work ad a project or product manager on different kinds of products: internal tools, B2B SaaS, B2C apps… for mobile and desktop devices and graphic or conversational interfaces, and for small and huge organizations in different verticals. Past projects include 3 billing and resource management apps (one for a multinational company, another, a SaaS for coworking spaces), public health data collection and reporting dashboards (offline first, for a twist), a couple of personal health projects, connectivity monitoring for health and project sites in hard to reach locations, insurance, media, design project management, interactive content design… Check my work page to learn more.

How I work


I don’t use a particular methodology, but I like the Agile mentality and I believe in doing the simplest thing that could possibly work and continuous improvement over perfection

Over the years I’ve used different tools, such as user personas, customer journeys, KPIs analysis, flow or process diagraming, user story mapping, RACI stakeholders mapping, and even Lego Serious Play.

As a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.

My father’s advice was to learn about something else and write about it instead.

I picked the digital world.

I started as a speaker with my first talk in 2012. I’ve kept this blog since 2015. Later on I started a podcast and a youtube channel.

Training health workers on data reporting

GDG, Google Campus Madrid
Speaking about natural language processing

I am a learner, but also a teacher: I enjoy internal trainings and talks, and I’ve been invited to universities like Deusto, Esade, Loyola…

More than 50k professionals from companies like Repsol or AT&T completed my courses in LinkedIn Learning.

Teaching at Esade

LinkedIn Learning course

How did I achieve all of this?

*Genuine curiosity*Desire for perfection constant improvement*Speaking five languages well enough and not being shy to make misteaks*Quick adaptation to new people, missions, environments and tools*Active reading (and a lot of it)*Obsessing about culture and the human condition* Caring.

Ethical implications of AI

Pilot of our sleeping sickness app