I am a product manager at reply.ai
and founder at theneonproject.org
I also speak about innovation and the future
at conferences, seminars and workshops


I am currently based in Córdoba, Andalusia.
In the past I lived in Madrid, Valencia, Prague, Berlin and Conakry,
traveled many places and taught myself a handful of languages.


I’ve worked in a huge company as a receptionist first,
and then in the billing department and as a project manager.
Later on I worked for a small software company,
where I learned to be an orchestra woman and do all things people
At that time I was also organising programming courses for women,
speaking in meet-ups and conferences and spreading the values of coworking.
In my last job I fought Ebola and other scary diseases through technology.
I had to temporary move to Guinea, in Africa, for this!


I like to see myself in the intersect of technology and human beings
and feel my real mission is to narrow the gap. To build bridges.
I believe solutions come through people, processes and products.
In this order. Always.


I’m a natural networker and I’m always happy to connect.
I read my mail at hola@cristinasantamarina.com and Whatsapp at +34600048050