Hi, I’m Cris Santamarina,
Head of Customer Experience at genial.ly

I feel productive and have fun working hand in hand with technical, product and business teams, and enjoy and nourish on talking, teaching, and writing about serious topics I’m passionate about: machines, humans and the future.

Over the past 15 years I’ve been lucky to work as a freelancer, facilitator, or fellow employee with great employers & clients

Telling lawyers about chatbots and other applications of AI in 2019
Preparing a training for 100+ IT officers for Doctors Without Borders in Uganda, 2018

As a kid, I wanted to be a journalist.

I found media magic as it made it possible to share knowledge and ideas fast and far. I loved writing and I wanted to be in the media world of new things and ideas. My father advised to find my ideas in an industry I liked and write about it instead.

I picked tech because it lets me explore and impact on a Future that’s almost here.

Training health workers on data reporting

GDG, Google Campus Madrid
Speaking about natural language processing

I have shipped hundreds of features and dozens of new products.

Making is part of who I am.

Writing and teaching help me slow down to process and fix my learnings and connect back with the human side of what I do.

More than 60.000 professionals completed my online courses on LinkedIn Learning

My super powers

*Genuine curiosity*Desire for perfection constant improvement*Speaking five languages well enough and not being shy to make misteaks*Quick adaptation to new people, missions, environments and tools*Active reading (and a lot of it)*Obsessing about culture and the human condition* Caring.

Ethical implications of AI

Pilot of our sleeping sickness app

In my mind lately:

  • Your next manager will be an AI

    Your next manager will be an AI

    One of the most common fears about artificial intelligence is the negative impact it could have on our jobs. Could the arrival of AI in the workplace mean our companies will need less of us to do what they do? Will AI make our jobs redundant? I wonder about it, and it was one of […]

  • What is Artificial Intelligence? An AI’s view.

    What is Artificial Intelligence? An AI’s view.

    Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world, and the change for the worlds of content creators is closer than we think. The reason I am so sure is that AIs helped me identify the keywords, write the text and generate images for the post. And I could do it in minutes. What Is AI? […]

  • Comparing image generation AIs

    Comparing image generation AIs

    Last week I wrote about trying DALL·E and what image generation AIs will mean for our future. In that post, I mentioned that DALL·E was just one of the many AIs that specialize in generating images from natural language prompts, but I didn’t go into details. In this post, I will show you how 4 […]