I am a product manager at reply.ai
and founder at bots4health.com
I also speak at events and teach for EOI


I am currently based in Córdoba, Andalusia.
In the past I lived in Madrid, Valencia, Prague, Berlin and Conakry,
traveled many places and taught myself a handful of languages.


I worked as a receptionist, organising events, in a billing department,
for a coworking software company, as a consulting project manager for software teams,
organising programming courses for women, speaking in meetups and conferences
spreading the values of coworking, on my own eHealth startup (that failed)
and as an information systems advisor in an NGO fighting ebola and other diseases.


I like to see myself in the intersect of technology and human beings
and feel my real mission is to narrow the gap. To build bridges.
I believe solutions come through people, processes and products.
In this order. Always.


I’m a natural networker and I’m always happy to connect.
I read my mail at hola@cristinasantamarina.com and Whatsapp at +34600048050