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Benefits of coworking spaces for freelancers and small businesses

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The global economical crisis has pushed professionals from all industries to join the freelancing workforce. Being a freelancer means you enjoy more freedom, but also suffer the solitude and lack of support and inspiration. To fix this a new way of work started in the United States and spreaded around the world. It is called coworking. Without a hyphen.

Coworking spaces are fixed or mobile spaces where freelancers, small businesses, or employees with mobility go to work. In most coworking communities you’ll find professionals from different industries and with different backgrounds, which will enrich your work and widen your sight. Many coworking communities also have a very busy agenda of workshops, exhibitions and conferences.

Combining talents and growing together. Work, leisure and learning. That’s coworking. Still need a reason to give it a try? We have 5 for you.

1. The Community

Programmers, online marketers, designers, tax consultants, lawyers, journalists, photographers and architects are some of the most popular professions in coworking communities. This union of people and specialties favors the development of large collaborative projects. Find the professional you need or hear feedback about your product or service from people with different backgrounds.

2. The Space

Coworking spaces are characterized by being diaphanous spaces with lots of light, places to be fully productive while having at your fingertips all the elements to de-stress. A coworking space without a good Internet connection and fine seating is yet to find, and many of them count with printers, scanners, and fax machines for those still using paper. Furthermore, coworking spaces have meeting rooms where you can receive customers, and event rooms where you can attend lectures and workshops or make your own.

3. The Learning Opportunities

John D. Wright, a chemist, once said “A company is like a bicycle. You move or you fall”. Coworking communities are a great example of constant skill sharing and learning – either in organized events or just sitting everyday close to others with different skillsets. Coworking spaces schedule workshops, exhibitions and cultural and professional conferences. These sessions often lead to talks, beer in hand, with people who can add value to your business.

4. The Mobility

Coworking is good for your mobility. You won’t just move from your couch but also move around if you want. Many coworking spaces cooperate in different mobility programs – such as the Coworking Visa. This exchange program lets you work from another coworking space in the program for three days every month, which works wonders for workers on the road or extended holidays. If you are working in a coworking space registered at the Coworking Visa program and you go travel to another city, you could work there for several days in another coworking enrolled in the program.

5. The Afterwork

Work is not everything. Have you seen images of Silicon Valley offices with slides and mini soccer fields? At a smaller scale coworking spaces also want to make sure that you have a chance to de-stress anytime you want. Very often coworking spaces have their own ping-pong table to release tension. There are also some with mini golf, video games, or urban gardens. And if you want to stay afterwork, you’ll probably have a lot of activities to chose from. Are you into yoga, board games, soccer or plain drinking? Your neighbourhood’s coworking community may have something for you.


Coworking favors the development of ambitious projects, powers individual capabilities and reduces stress and loneliness. When working from a coworking space you’ll have the opportunity to break with the old way of working and be productive in a working environment where inspiration and good vibes flow.


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