In 2014 I have moved flats, changed my hair, changed jobs. I did my best and tried to swim, do yoga and go to the gym – that didn’t work out too well. In 2014 I have been out less, read more and ridden my bike more often.

In 2014 I have been busy attending and organising events, managing projects and writing a lot. Not to lie to you, I have also had lots of fun and even closed a disco dancing ABBA. I wasn’t sure of how to represent that on the graphic, though.


In 2014 I had a startup fail, which probably makes this blog post a bit more interesting. Tragedy sells. I also broke up with my boyfriend. Two good friends of mine left Berlin. And I left my job at Cobot.

But the drama helped me find new opportunities, I learn a lot on the way and no heart break was hard enough to keep me from wanting more. All the lessons learnt follow me on my way ON.

Trips sell, too. In 2014 I flew to Amsterdam and Hamburg, to Cordoba, to Torino, Ferrara, Bologna, Sardegna, Imola… I also spent some time in the north of Spain. I also had that crazy trip to Kansas City.

I have done my share of writing, too. In 2014 I was interested in a bunch of topics – I still can’t manage to focus my attention, which leads to this confusing cloud.


The most important thing, however, is the people I have shared the year with. In 2014 I have crossed paths with *amazing* people. People at conferences and events that brought up light about something or with whom I just shared pizza, apples and kaboobs moments that, for one reason or another, sticked.

New colleagues at Asquera and the eHealthAfrica project that make coffee breaks fun and that have a lot to share, including gif jokes.

Random strangers that share a cup of coffee just in time, or that taught me how to meditate in a flight across the Atlantic.

My framily – for our late at night talks, for our glasses of wine, for our fixing the world and for the power of spare beds. You know who you are and I hope you know that I love you *all*.

Last, but not least, _YOU_. Readers all around the world that keep me coming back. You, the nearly 6000 different people who dropped by this year, are the reason this blog exists. I couldn’t let the year end without wishing you the BEST for the new year and saying *thank you* to each of you, in your different corners of the world.


2014 has been, after all, a good year. A preparation for 2015. I am looking forward to see what it has ready for us – all the strangers, all the dreams, all the songs.


  1. That crazy trip to Kansas City! It was a great time and great to meet you. Your 2014 seemed like a great year. Happy new year and may you have an even better 2015.

  2. que nadie te
    marque tu camino, pero que tu buen camino marque tu vida. Siempre adelante, y recuerda, para atrás, ni para darte impulso. Conseguirás Todo lo que te propongas, por que te lo mereces, y sobre todo Por Que Lo Vales.

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