¡Hola! Si hablas español, te recomiendo echar un vistazo a mi canal en YouTube

I am a product management professional. I combine my work as a Product Director at Launchmetrics with content creation and public speaking.

I travelled to Cordoba to organise a Rails Girls workshop at the coworking space cosfera. This event had as a goal to let women with no previous programming experience make their own project using ruby on rails with the help of a tutorial and local mentors.

We took this chance to join the education community at the University, where I gave a talk about the challenges technology companies report attracting female talent. The talk discussed the identified sources of the issue, the consequences it has for the companies and the women themselves, and discussed the solutions that are being worked on by organisations all around the world and, amongst them, Rails Girls.

Slides in Spanish are available on SlideShare.

If you run and event and are interested in having me give a talk about the topic of women in technology, reach out to me at hola@cristinasantamarina.com


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