When managing projects or planning events or social media calendars I often find myself counting days between two events or calculating when x days from now will have passed.

The usual solution has been to grab a calendar and use my finger to count days forward or backwards, or to count some days like this and add full months in longer periods of time.

Timeanddate.com has resolved this among other problems for me. It features a couple of calculators that let you easily come up with a precise number, and where you can also do things like automatically ignore weekends or custom dates.

Timeanddate.com - Date to day calculation

timeanddate.com - Business date  calculator

Another of my most used features is the week number calculation, which comes handy when organising sprints, for example.

Timeanddate.com - Week number calculator

I hope you enjoy these tools – we’ll be happy to read about your experience using them and other tools you’d recommend in the comments.


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