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How to export your Google files and data

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You may be transitioning out of Google Drive to use another service or you may be leaving a project where you worked – the truth is that in any of these cases manually saving files or, worse yet, simply letting them go, is a no no. In this post I explain how to export your Google files and data in a few clicks.

Information is power, and with all the data your Google account has about you (text files, spreadsheets, pictures, locations, bookmarks…) why not export it and add it to your usual backups? You never know when you’ll need to look at that fancy spreadsheet or that really good list of books to read.

Google has this function pretty hidden, but once you reach the function the process is super smooth an even allows you to save the archive directly into your Dropbox, OneDrive or as a download link to save in your computer.

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/
  2. Under Personal Info and Privacy select Control your content
  3. Select Create archive
  4. Select the apps for which you want to download data
  5. Some apps, such as Google Drive, will let you select a file format
  6. Once you’re done click on Next.
  7. Select how you prefer to receive your download
  8. Click on Create archive – this will get Google’s engines moving!

Archives will take a bit to get to you – depending on how much data you have can even take days! Be patient – you will receive a link in the email address associated to your account.

Hope you found this how-to useful!


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