During the last year I have worked as a Project and Product Manager for an NGO called eHealth Africa, and living out of Conakry with ocasional travel to other countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone or Democratic Republic of Congo. All the while I kept my books, cooking appliances and other dear possessions in my rental flat in Neukölln, in Berlin.

It has been an incredible ride and I’ve grown, both personally and professionally, a couple of years’ worth. Now it’s time to move on, rest a bit, and come back for a new phase of my life: Last July I decided to quit and find a new place to work and a new place to live.

After a month traveling through Europe and a scoping trip to Montevideo for another full month, I know what I want to do and where I want to live: I want to create conversational interfaces and to live in Cordoba, a beautiful city in Andalusia that’s home enough to be conforming and unknown enough to feel like another adventure. I will be back with more soon – a lot of things are about to happen, I can smell it in the air.

On to a new phase of my life filled with colors, apparent simplicity with hidden beautiful details and centenary, exotic traditions, and blue, warm skies.

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