What happened? What next?

Last thing you know I’m living in Guinea and working for an NGO doing very interesting stuff. Next I start tweeting at weird times and posting pictures of mate on my facebook – that if you can still see my posts as 80% of my friends* (can we call them contacts!?) are gone.

In July I decided to quit my job, say yes to love and look for a new place. A new place in Berlin was not enough – I had already tried to leave in 2014 – and following Mr. Right’s intuition I thought Montevideo had some potential to be the place. After a month travelling Europe (check instagram for the pics!) and detoxing (less and more meaningful social media check, quit smoking check) we took a flight here… and here we are.

After a bit over a week and all I can say is “it’s getting better all the time”. Will this be the place in which we settle? I still can’t tell. But Montevideo is certainly an inspiring and relaxing city, I’m coworking again which feels great, and meeting interesting people and walking new roads. I’m also having ideas. And ideas, specially after a burnout and a month of zero computer use, are awesome to have.

In the next months I’ll try to make these ideas grow, decide where I will call home in 2017, and work more on what makes me happy with people that make me happy. After years of saying “we should work together” I’m finally going to do my first cooperation with the people at cosfera, mentoring any eHealth related startups that join their acceleration program. Working with people with ideas and motivation FTW.

I will be back with more soon – a lot of things are about to happen, I can smell it in the air.

* Were you left out but want to keep in touch and are too lazy or far away for coffees? Email me at hola@cristinasantamarina.com and I will get you back in the list.






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