#Girlscanbeanything. Understanding the world with Google Translate’s gender-specific translations.

Girls can be hairdressers. So can boys.

Girls can even be doctors. So can boys, because medicine is not a gender-specific career.

But everybody knows girls make better nurses than boys: They enjoy taking care of people, and no man should ever try to be a nurse. It is a very difficult job.

Women are also better kindergarten teachers. Taking care of young children can be exhausting, and requires a feminine touch.

Men can start teaching kids once they are a bit older. That’s why we reserve all women for the kindergartens and let men take over in schools.

And since Men are better at investigation and documentation, we keep women away from Research Labs.

Men are also better at fixing cars. That’s why all mechanics are men and you won’t see women fixing their own cars.

This ability for fixing things also makes men the best at system administration.

The IT field is full of only men positions. Developers are another example.

But don’t think the world has a thing against women. Even in the IT field, there is a place for them as designers. Girls make beautiful things.

A lot of beautiful jobs are exclusively done by women. Look at ballet. Have you ever seen a male swan?

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