Dialogflow CX: Google changes the conversational game

Google has finally brought visual flow building to Dialogflow.

Before I dive deep I wanted to share these very exciting news with you and give you a sneak peak to what’s new in conversational interfaces tools.

Still in Beta, Dialogflow CX comes with more advanced features like testing, and improvements in other features released over the past few months, like validation or the new analytics. Intents and Entities aren’t gone from Dialogflow CX, but they have been redesigned and simplified. Slot filling, which is now called forms, making even more obvious what this is about: a tool to build interfaces that get information to and from users in a new way.

Some of the features, like replaying saved test cases or creating route groups need a little more work and still fail, but I predict this new Dialogflow version is going to change the game for conversational creators and for conversational platforms.

Visual flow building has been top of the list in the wishlist of developers for a while, and many tools sprinted to get this feature built into their systems. Bringing this to Dialogflow, Google makes it clear that they listen, that they bet for Dialogflow (and the conversational space) and that they have no intention of letting smaller players advance them: They have a good share of the market, but they know they have the gas power to have a greater one.

Now it’s time to read through the docs and to try out the new features with bots4health, my first conversational project, started in 2016. It has lived through a few different versions of Dialogflow and I’m excited to see how this new Dialogflow version can help me improve it. I will come back with fresh comments as soon as there’s more to say!

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