Product Management in Movies and TV Shows

Product Management lessons are hidden everywhere, and also in movies and TV shows. If you are a product manager like me, a lot of the situations in the videos below will remind you of some situations from your real professional life.

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The Pentagon wars: Scope creep

You’ve seen it: as you iterate on an MVP more and more features are added. This affects your timelines and budgets, confuses your engineers and produces unrefined products with too many features, but how can you say no to your excited stakeholders? They are, after all, the ones paying for everyone’s salaries.

The Big Bang Theory: We’ll build it because we can!

Sometimes this scope creep is motivated by our technical abilities. We’ll build it because we can goes beyond the needs and adds small touches of wow. This is nice is small doses, but be careful: it can make your product a Frankenstein and even incorporate some unwanted features.

Seinfeld: Why definition matters

A good way to avoid both problems is to invest in a good definition, with clear requirements and context. This is best achieved through a conscious brief. If you believe you don’t have time for a brief, the situation below may help me make my point. Is a good representation of what happens when you ask your product team to just figure it out.

Halt and Catch Fire: Just build a door and let them inside

Products can be anything we want them to be, but when we are uncertain of what the future brings, keeping options open and avoiding standing in the middle can be a good strategy. What about we just build a door and let them in? This kind of mentality is behind the browser and a lot of platform models.

The Hudsucker Proxy: You know, not about the price!

A low price can’t be your main selling proposition. Putting your product in the hands of the right users and helping do great things will be a way more powerful way to catch the attraction of buyers. Aspirational products, social proof and influencer marketing strategies are represented in this short video from The Hudsucker Proxy.

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