Brainstormings, the ultimate tool for creativity

Brainstorming sessions supported by simple things like whiteboards, post-its, or static notes, allows for faster changes, more divergent thinking, and more creativity. Teams and individuals all over the world use brainstorming to find creative solutions. In this post I explain some of the ways in which you can structure your brainstorming to make the most out of it.

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Using GitHub to manage the product and sprint backlogs

Product and sprint backlog management are two of the most critical tasks for product owners. There are many tools but with GitHub’s release of GitHub projects, managing them where developers already are could make it easier for teams to adopt these artifacts and improve their delivery. In this post, I explain how to use GitHub Projects to manage the product and sprint backlogs.

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Leaving my job in Conakry, my home in Berlin and starting a new life in Cordoba

During the last year I have mostly worked as a Project and Product Manager for an NGO called eHealth Africa, and living out of Conakry with ocasional travel to other countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone or Democratic Republic of Congo while I kept my books, cooking appliances and other dear possessions in my rental flat in Neukölln, in Berlin. I have now decided to quit and find a new place to work and a new place to live.

After a month travelling through Europe and a scoping trip to Montevideo for another full month, I know what I want to do and where I want to live: I want to create conversational interfaces and to live in Cordoba, a beautiful city in Andalusia that’s home enough to be conforming and unknown enough to feel like another adventure. I will be back with more soon – a lot of things are about to happen, I can smell it in the air.

Do chatbots dream of electric sheep?

I discovered chatbots in 2016 and immediately fell in love with them. I was immediately interested in understanding the UX implications they would have and how we could, as product managers, define the ultimate characteristics of a chatbot that looked and sounded empathic. In this post I suggest a few design tips and tricks for chatbots that feel less like a machine.

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How to export your Google files and data

You may be transitioning out of Google Drive to use another service or you may be leaving a project where you worked – the truth is that in any of these cases manually saving files or, worse yet, simply letting them go, is a no no. In this post I explain how to export your Google files and data in a few clicks.

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