New brand by markos-esther

If you are a regular reader you may have noticed that my site recently went through some much needed polishing. Different template, different colours, a nice logo to accompany my name… The ones to blame are my friends and go-to designers Markos and Esther. In this post I explain the creative process and show youContinue reading “New brand by markos-esther”

Visual business development tools (II): The value proposition canvas

Comes from this post 2. The Value Proposition Canvas by Peter Thomson Business and emotions Peter J Thomson modified Alex Osterwalder’s Value Proposition Canvas, as he felt it didn’t take into consideration the emotions of customers and the marketing aspect present in every business development process. Thomson’s Value Proposition Canvas helps decide where to startContinue reading “Visual business development tools (II): The value proposition canvas”

Making the most out of a business model canvas

The business model canvas is a one-pager that showcases the most important details of your business model. It is widely used at startups and hackathons to iterate on business models on paper. Each of the sections of the canvas is related to another, and small changes can have great effects and discover unthought-of opportunities. InContinue reading “Making the most out of a business model canvas”

Execution over ideas. What feelgut taught us.

A year ago this time we were probably sitting in my living room, eating snacks and giving shape to feelgut. The summer before Laura had told me about her idea of building a social platform for people with rare diseases who were searching for alternative treatments, people with chronic diseases who felt the need ofContinue reading “Execution over ideas. What feelgut taught us.”