Brainstormings, the ultimate tool for creativity

Brainstorming sessions supported by simple things like whiteboards, post-its, or static notes, allows for faster changes, more divergent thinking, and more creativity. Teams and individuals all over the world use brainstorming to find creative solutions. In this post I explain some of the ways in which you can structure your brainstorming to make the mostContinue reading “Brainstormings, the ultimate tool for creativity”

Leaving my job in Conakry, my home in Berlin and starting a new life in Cordoba

During the last year I have mostly worked as a Project and Product Manager for an NGO called eHealth Africa, and living out of Conakry with ocasional travel to other countries like Liberia, Sierra Leone or Democratic Republic of Congo while I kept my books, cooking appliances and other dear possessions in my rental flatContinue reading “Leaving my job in Conakry, my home in Berlin and starting a new life in Cordoba”

Thoughts and feelings about online dating. Part Two.

It’s taken me too long to come around part II of the online dating experience – partly because I was busy doing some offline dating, partly because I was travelling and working, and partly because I am lazy. Finally, for the ones who like to sneak into my life (Patricia, this goes for you!) partContinue reading “Thoughts and feelings about online dating. Part Two.”