An interview about chatbots

The team at asked to interview me after a call as part of my job as a product owner at, an enterprise ready tool to build, manage and optimise chatbots that’s used by award winning agencies and well-known brands. Here’s what I had to say about the current status of chatbots, where we […]

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I remember waking up the morning after putting together these notes and looking at them, feeling like a detective trying to find the clue, the hidden link, that will resolve my case. Almost five years later I am looking at sticky notes with question marks in my eyes again. It is all about The Search.  

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Github Projects

I don’t know how to start with this blog post. Remember my love for Kanban boards and how I am an advocate of GitHub and the ZenHub plugin for project management? Well Github has finally added Kanban board support for GitHub Issues!! And it’s super easy to use. Here are five steps and five screenshots, let […]

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What happened? What next?

Last thing you know I’m living in Guinea and working for an NGO doing very interesting stuff. Next I start tweeting at weird times and posting pictures of mate on my facebook – that if you can still see my posts as 80% of my friends* (can we call them contacts!?) are gone. In July I […]

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