Are you starting a company and need to know where your customers are
and how to reach them?

Do you need to make changes in your organization, adopt new tools,
implement new processes or just run a specific project that’s just
too much on top of what you already do?

Are you looking at boosting your communications impact and reach?

I may be able to help.

15min Chat

If you don’t know me, this could be the best way to decide whether you want to work with me. I will listen to what you are looking for, tell you whether I can help, and if so, tell you how we can move further together.

  • 30m free diagnosis session
  • Tell me about your project and pick my brain!

465 EUR

This pack is perfect if you are starting a project or want to introduce some change in something that’s already been running for a while. Learn how to maximize your business, find out which tools and processes can help you work better and optimize your strategy.

The best thing about this pack is how fast you get your results: We can have our 15m kick off meeting this very week and you’ll have your diagnosis back in 10 days from the date of the workshop.

  • 2 hour workshop – tell me about your project, show me how you work. We’ll fill in a workshop document that will help you construct your mission and vision statement and decide on SMART goals and help me know how to define your strategy.
  • Detailed diagnosis and recommendations document – I will work with this data and whatever I can find about you on my own and create a strategy for you. This is for you to use and play with, and I’ll give you some assets to use, guidelines to follow and resources to investigate.
  • 1 hour recommendations session – in which I will present the strategy with you, give you a hint on where to get started, and answer any questions you may have.

995 EUR/month for 1 month
795 EUR/month for 6 months

This pack will help you if you are starting a business or need to introduce someone external in a long-run organization. In these situations, hiring someone may not be the best option. I will work with you and your team on a regular basis, and put all I know at your service.

  • 2 hour workshop – tell me about your project, show me how you work.
  • Detailed diagnosis and recommendations document
  • Weekly 1h meetings with the team to track progress and answer questions.
  • Bi-Weekly 1h meetings with you to track our strategy progress and performance.

Communications Management
2300 EUR/month for 1 month
1400 EUR/month for 6 months

Communications are very important for a business’ success, yet we struggle to find time to set up our social media channels, design a good strategy and put it in place. I help you by analysing your needs and current status, and working together with you until you are ready to go chase your goals on your own.

  • Communications audit
  • Detailed diagnosis and recommendations document
  • Setup and improvement of your social media profiles
  • Communications manual
  • Training of a person of your organization
  • Email support included

All prices include VAT. For all services, 50% of the initial fee is paid in advance at the beginning of the contract. Consulting and management services have a 20 day money back guarantee. I can travel wherever you want; the costs will be invoiced separately.

Reach me at hola [at] cristinasantamarina [dot] com if you want to talk!