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Cristina Santamarina is a technology consultant experienced in product and project management that specialises in conversational interfaces. Before moving to Cordoba three years ago and starting a software agency, where she worked until early 2020, Cristina worked in multinational companies, startups and NGOs in Madrid, Prague, Berlin, and Conakry, managing complex projects like the software for the ebola response in West Africa or connectivity monitoring systems for remote locations. She has experience as a product and product manager and is an active member of the conversational interfaces community. She had a project called bots4health that had some traction back in 2016 and she runs a project called Chatbots en Español +1.7k large developers community, produced the first podcast about the topic in Spanish, and speaks about the topic in conferences and business schools. In 2019 she recorded two courses for women in technology for the LinkedIn Learning platform.


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