Mrgn: A different kind of meetup

One of the things that surprised me when I discovered the tech and entrepreneurs community in Berlin was the incredible number of opportunities to learn and meet people that were available. There is a number of user groups and workshops for specific technologies, such as the Ruby user group; up.front, a monthly meetup for designers; […]

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Interview with Sabine Geithner

Sabine Geithner is an iOS developer in the making. We met two years ago, when I moved to Berlin and we were both part of the Rails Girls Berlin organisers. She is currently finishing an internship at nxtbgthng, an iOS development agency, where she worked on an app for Berliner Philharmonie – the Digital Concert […]

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The best of January 2014

Here’s a new tradition: a blog post with my very own best of the web in the web on the previous month – a mix of stuff I liked and stuff me and my friends do. Hope you enjoy! Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments :). Let’s get started […]

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