The best of January 2014

Here’s a new tradition: a blog post with my very own best of the web in the web on the previous month – a mix of stuff I liked and stuff me and my friends do. Hope you enjoy! Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments :). Let’s get started […]

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Sharing is caring

The first time I heard sharing is caring, it had a strong italian accent. Some of my Erasmus friends in Prague (well, they were Erasmus, I was not) used it as kind of a group motto. It was nice to the ear and meant something beautiful, so I added it to my very own list […]

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Companies I admire: 37 Signals

37signals creates and maintains web-based applications for collaboration, project management, and information sharing. In their own words, they build ‘frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions.’ But beyond developing applications to help us get things done, they maintain a popular company blog and job board, write insightful books, and their developers contribute […]

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