The best of January 2014

Here’s a new tradition: a blog post with my very own best of the web in the web on the previous month – a mix of stuff I liked and stuff me and my friends do. Hope you enjoy! Did I miss a good one? Let me know in the comments :). Let’s get started […]

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My Internet friends are real

Internet friends are those you met online, or with which you stay in touch mainly online. I have a lot of them. I’ve always had! Since I was 14 I’ve been active in different online boards (about music, films…), started one of my own (Riot grrls in Spanish, not active anymore), and even had a […]

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The future of coworking

It’s the end of 2014 and like every year end it’s time to make balances, plans and predictions. These days we are bombarded with blog posts about the future of big data, the future of wearables, or the companies we should keep an eye on. How will coworking spaces be like in 20 years? Will […]

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