Slides of my DIY Social Media Workshop

In November this year I offered my DIY Social Media course to a group of designers and creative workers. In the first quarter of 2015 I will offer it in Spanish. Today I wanted to share the slides I used in this course and to throw a question: What’s your biggest online marketing or social mediaContinue reading “Slides of my DIY Social Media Workshop”

Mrgn: A different kind of meetup

One of the things that surprised me when I discovered the tech and entrepreneurs community in Berlin was the incredible number of opportunities to learn and meet people that were available. There is a number of user groups and workshops for specific technologies, such as the Ruby user group; up.front, a monthly meetup for designers;Continue reading “Mrgn: A different kind of meetup”

Why is education running behind the schedule?

The education sector is running behind the schedule in the process of adopting the use of new technologies and integrating Internet in our lives. The use of paper has been dramatically reduced in the business sector, and the use of aggregated data to identify issues and resolve problems in now done naturally in companies, transportContinue reading “Why is education running behind the schedule?”