How to calculate dates with

When managing projects or planning events or social media calendars I often find myself counting days between two events or calculating when x days from now will have passed. The usual solution has been to grab a calendar and use my finger to count days forward or backwards, or to count some days like thisContinue reading “How to calculate dates with”

How to create the perfect kanban board for your team

The Kanban board is a tool used to track progress in projects. In a Kanban board, the tasks needed to complete the project move along a progression of states. Project managers can use it assign work to teams and team members,  who will use it to track the progress of development, letting everyone do thingsContinue reading “How to create the perfect kanban board for your team”

No ticket, no party: 7 benefits of using project management tools

Project managers, we love issue and project tracking software like Basecamp, Redmine, JIRA and the long list of similar applications that let us put our noses in your work. We see them, too many times, as the panacea for miscommunication or project scope creep. This would be SO great, if only other parts involved inContinue reading “No ticket, no party: 7 benefits of using project management tools”

Companies I admire: 37 Signals

37signals creates and maintains web-based applications for collaboration, project management, and information sharing. In their own words, they build ‘frustration-free web-based apps for collaboration, sharing information, and making decisions.’ But beyond developing applications to help us get things done, they maintain a popular company blog and job board, write insightful books, and their developers contributeContinue reading “Companies I admire: 37 Signals”