Are conversational interfaces going to kill the app?

Are we entering a post-app world? “The app is dead!”, “We are approaching the post-app era”, “It’s the end of the app boom, what now?” I look at the headlines and I see a lot of confrontation. Some say we are entering a new age in software and the way it is built and delivered,Continue reading “Are conversational interfaces going to kill the app?”

No ticket, no party: 7 benefits of using project management tools

Project managers, we love issue and project tracking software like Basecamp, Redmine, JIRA and the long list of similar applications that let us put our noses in your work. We see them, too many times, as the panacea for miscommunication or project scope creep. This would be SO great, if only other parts involved inContinue reading “No ticket, no party: 7 benefits of using project management tools”


Ellen König is a full-time web developer, information junkie and part-time psychology student. She is about to give her career a change of direction and will join Soundcloud soon as an insight engineer in October. We met at Mrgn and I saw her speaking at eurucamp a few days later. She was bold and inspiring, so I did my fan thing and asked her for an interview.

The Chromebook Challenge – 2 months later…

Two months in the Chromebook Challenge, I can say I am generally happy with the experience. My Chromebook does almost everything I need it to do; I am lucky because most of my work happens on online applications such as Cobot, Gmail, Intercom, Base, Github, Asana… Google Drive lets me make files available offline, whatContinue reading “The Chromebook Challenge – 2 months later…”