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I am a product management professional. I combine my work as a Product Director at Launchmetrics with content creation and public speaking.

I’m currently a Product Director at Launchmetrics, where I help fashion, beauty and luxury companies measure their brand media impact detecting and giving a Media Impact Value® to their mentions in magazines, online media, and social platforms.

Previous Selected Projects

Head of Customer Experience

An online tool that helped students, teaches and corporate professionals create animated and interactive content in a familiar slide creation interface.

Doctors Without Borders
Program & Product Manager

A set of tools to monitor and ensure the quality of connectivity in all the locations where Doctors Without Borders does operations, from boats to remote clinics.

eHealth Africa
Program & Product Manager

A set of tools to strengthen health systems in African countries. I implemented solutions for ebola in Liberia primary care in Guinea, and sleeping sickness in DRC.

Conversational UX Consultant

I helped them release their first voice applications for ABC in Alexa and Google Assistant in 2018, and worked on proofs of concept for chatbots for the magazine mujerhoy.




Business model design, product strategy, portfolio strategy, brand strategy, communications strategy, brand positioning, digital strategy, trends research, market research, ethnography


Problem analysis, user persona, service blueprints, user journey, BPMN, stakeholder mapping, business cases, user and customer experience mapping


jobs to be done, user story mapping, functional and non-functional specifications

Product design

mood boards, concepts, wireframes, mockups, clickable prototypes, Service design, app and interface design, conversational product design

Product management

Roadmapping, continuous delivery, demos, acceptance, QA, reports, release planning

Product implementation

Pilots, handovers, user guides, product updates, helpdesk management

Project Management

Internal and external communications, agile, scrum, PMP, Prince2, pilot planning, pilot implementations


Lean, instrumentation, report design, report generation, Yandex, google analytics, Amplitude, kiss metrics


Creativity Workshops for teams, Design Thinking Facilitation, Future Tensing (Innovation Workshops), chatbot and voice apps workshops