I’m just over 30 but I have accumulated twelve years of work experience in corporations, startups, and NGOs in Madrid, Prague, Berlin, and Conakry. Since 2012, I have given over 50 talks in conferences, universities, and business schools in Europe and USA about conversational interfaces, digital transformation and women in technology.

Team sizes

I have worked individually and as 1/10 of a team in an office with 350 people. The Neon Project is currently 15 people.


I have lived in Czech Republic, Germany, Guinea and Spain. I have worked in the field in USA, Liberia, Uruguay, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda.

Work continuously moves me from the field or the frontline with the users of the solutions we work and back to conferences and business schools to share the lessons learned during these stays in the field.

Project domains

I have worked in projects related with workspace management, reservation and invoicing software, payment integrations, access management systems integrations, translations, ehealth apps, epidemiology, connectivity management, legaltech, pharma, retail…

The Neon Project

I’m now based in Córdoba, where I am a co-founder of The Neon Project.

The Neon Project is a software development agency that focuses on the digital transformation of people, processes, and products using technology. Our focus is , on projects that use blockchain, conversational interfaces and data to address complex problems.


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