Hello, I am a tech consultant
specialised in projects and products
and conversational interfaces.

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I have accumulated fourteen years of work experience in corporations, startups, and NGOs in Madrid, Prague, Berlin, and Conakry, working in over 50 products including more than 20 conversational projects. During this time I have collaborated with teams with incredible diversity, which helped me become a culturally aware product/project manager, able to quickly embed myself in a team and deliver results. These experiences, that include working in the ground in the West Africa ebola response in 2015 and founding and growing a software development company in 2017, have allowed me to learn a proportionally wide rage of hard and soft skills that I can bring to your organisation. I am based in Cordoba, Spain, and I work remotely with organisations all around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What can I do?


Business model design, product strategy, portfolio strategy, brand strategy, communications strategy, brand positioning, digital strategy, trends research, market research, ethnography

Understanding needs and context

Problem analysis, user persona, service blueprints, user journey, bpmn, stakeholder mapping, business cases, user and customer experience mapping

Documenting requirements

jobs to be done, user story mapping, functional and non-functional specifications

Product design

mood boards, concepts, wireframes, mockups, clickable prototypes, Service design, app and interface design, conversational product design

Product management

Roadmapping, continuous delivery, demos, acceptance, QA, reports, release planning

Product implementation

Pilots, handovers, user guides, product updates, helpdesk management

Project Management

Internal and external communications, agile, scrum, PMP, Prince2, pilot planning, pilot implementations

Monitoring & Continuous Improvement

Lean, instrumentation, report design, report generation, Yandex, google analytics, Amplitude, kiss metrics


Creativity Workshops for teams, Design Thinking Facilitation, Future Tensing (Innovation Workshops), chatbot and voice apps workshops

Where do I work?

My base is in C├│rdoba, Spain, but I work remotely with businesses all around the world and I am happy to travel when a project requires it. I have lived in Czech Republic, Germany, Guinea and Spain and worked in the field in USA, Liberia, Uruguay, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Austria, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda…Work continuously moves me from the field or the frontline with the users of the solutions we work and back to board rooms and offices as well as conferences and business schools to share the lessons learned during these stays in the field.

Who did I work for in the past?

These are some of the organisations I have worked for through my career.

Reach out to talk about how I can help your business.

Areas of Interest

These are the three areas in which I am currently the most interested:


In relation to AI it is one of the fields I find the most promising. My experience in this area include creating conversational interfaces for law firms and a chatbot to advise migrants on their way to USA as well as writing a legal white paper about chatbots in Spanish law in collaboration with a Spanish law firm and giving talks about AI and conversational interfaces for law professionals in conferences and business schools including Universidad de Deusto, Robotiuris, an event organized by Garrigues and Microsoft, and the National Lawyers Conference in Valladolid in 2019. I am interested in conversational UX in legal settings as well as in the algorithms behind legal decisions.


Specially linked to international cooperation programs for health system strengthening, building eHealth apps, epidemiology reporting like in Sense HAT and analysis or connectivity management – as healthcare, specially in challenging contexts, is not only about medical care but also about the logistics around it. I have developed a chatbot for a pharmaceutical company and developed data work for another brand. Healthcare is one of the verticals I find the most interesting and I have started two projects in this area: Feelgut (a social platform for patients of rare diseases) and bots4health (a chatbot made first for women health, then for mental health and that can now answer questions about different health topics, including coronavirus.

Management software

For Regus, now IWG, the largest workspace provider with over 3000 business centres around the world, I worked in operations and on business analysis and requirements specification for a custom billing and reservations software. The functionalities I worked on included payment and access management systems integrations, as well as backend features for country requirements and business rules management. Later on I worked for Cobot, a software as a service web application for the management of coworking spaces. I have worked with CRM and ERP, Mobile Device Management, Call Center Software, and all sorts of Reporting Dashboards. I find large systems fascinating and challenging products to work with, and I enjoy the large, specialised teams that usually work around them and the diversity of stakeholders and systems they involve.

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