Your next manager will be an AI

One of the most common fears about artificial intelligence is the negative impact it could have on our jobs. Could the arrival of AI in the workplace mean our companies will need less of us to do what they do? Will AI make our jobs redundant? I wonder about it, and it was one of […]

What is Artificial Intelligence? An AI’s view.

Artificial Intelligence is going to change the world, and the change for the worlds of content creators is closer than we think. The reason I am so sure is that AIs helped me identify the keywords, write the text and generate images for the post. And I could do it in minutes. What Is AI? […]

Comparing image generation AIs

Last week I wrote about trying DALL·E and what image generation AIs will mean for our future. In that post, I mentioned that DALL·E was just one of the many AIs that specialize in generating images from natural language prompts, but I didn’t go into details. In this post, I will show you how 4 […]

Trying DALL·E, an appetizer of the future

In 2016 the Internet went crazy about speaking machines. What we couldn’t predict was that 5 years later, in 2022, similar machines would be creative too, or at least able to take human speech and transform it into images as fascinating as these. Trying DALL·E From brief to versions in 10 seconds Both images are […]

Talk at SalmorejoTech

El 12 de Diciembre de 2021 hablé en la conferencia de tecnología SalmorejoTech. Lo hice con una charla sobre cómo el know how de tecnología puede ayudar a identificar y resolver problemas derivados de cambios aparentemente pequeños en productos digitales. ¿Qué es la SalmorejoTech? La Salmorejotech es la conferencia técnica por excelencia en Córdoba. Es […]

Jira epics, stories, tasks, bugs & custom issues

Jira is a great tool to manage your roadmap and your backlog, and it is the software of choice for many companies of all sizes. As a scrum master, product owner, or product or project manager, Jira is probably a tool where you will spend a lot of time over your career. Mastering it and […]

How to create a Product Roadmap with Jira

You want to manage your Product Roadmap with Jira? This is a good place to start learning what you need to make the most out of it. I will specifically go through the Roadmap view and Epics. The Product Roadmap view In each project there is a section in the left navigation bar called Roadmap. […]

12 deliverables for your freelance project

In this post I share with you 12 deliverables that will make your freelance project look more professional. What are project deliverables for freelance professionals? It’s common to think that project deliverables are the output of your work in a project, however, I think of project deliverables as the collection of documents, designs, reports or […]

The Agile Manifesto for beginners

The reason why I write a post about the agile manifesto for beginners, even though I am not a beginner anymore, is that this is the post I wish I had been told of back when I first heard of Agile. What is the agile manifesto and why was it written In 2001 a group […]

Digital trends & bets for 2021

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies anticipated 5 key digital trends to watch in 2021 and beyond. Based on these trends by Gartner, the recent acquisitions and, of course, all the changes COVID19 brought to our lives last year – from a growing concern about sanitation to more awareness about public health and a mass […]


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