The Chromebook Challenge – 2 months later…

Two months in the Chromebook Challenge, I can say I am generally happy with the experience. My Chromebook does almost everything I need it to do; I am lucky because most of my work happens on online applications such as Cobot, Gmail, Intercom, Base, Github, Asana…

Google Drive lets me make files available offline, what comes in handy when I want to work on something while travelling, and also comes with some offline storage that I use to store some movies and music for offline use.

I am a long term declared fan of google drive (from the docs,google time!) and the Chrome appstore has lots of apps to replace the desktop programs I was using on my laptop. Sketchpad is not Photoshop, but it does most of the things I need it to do.

I haven’t yet found a way to use Skype from this laptop, but I am using more Hangouts now and considering signing up for Uberconference or a similar service; and using my phone to do Skype calls when needed in the meanwhile.


Demoing Cobot on my Chromebook at GCUC
Demoing Cobot on my Chromebook at GCUC


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