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I am a product management professional. I combine my work as a Product Director at Launchmetrics with content creation and public speaking.

An interview about chatbots

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The team at botanalytics.co asked to interview me after a call as part of my job as a product owner at reply.ai, an enterprise-ready tool to build, manage and optimize chatbots that are used by award-winning agencies and well-known brands.

“There is still a lot to learn both in terms of how real users are using the first bots and defining the best practices that more mature industries have. As pioneers of conversational interfaces, we are still defining our very own Helvetica and Comic Sans.”

Here’s what I had to say about the current status of chatbots, where we stand as an industry and the best practices I believe lead to a successful, engaging bot, as learned through my project bots4health.com

Read the full interview on Chatbots Magazine.


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