It’s a rainy Sunday at 20h and I am running to co-up, the coworking space where I work from. Im running there because I’m going to be late otherwise and I don’t want to miss Mary’s talk. The talk was hosted by Rails Girls Berlin, together with Berlin Geekettes and Soundcloud.

Mary Rose Cook is a hacker and a girl. She is creating isla, a programming language for kids, and she was able to explain to us, a bunch of girls with no technical background in most of the cases, why children can code, why they should do so, and which is for her the best approach to programing for kids. I really liked her “just one way to do things” approach – why complicate things having many ways of doing things? And why confuse children with the historical convention for quotes or not quotes? Keeping things simple is not just for kids, as Mary showed us when she told us her experiences in teaching her dad and her girlfriend how to code.



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